7 Secret Settings to Increase Your PC Performance After Updating Windows

14 Oct

7 Secret Settings to Increase Your PC Performance After Updating Windows

I have enough disk space, and I’m not a selfie-holic, that local storage isn’t an issue. I burn stuff I care about to a thumb drive every month or so, and store important stuff to a NAS. A fire at home could wipe out all my data , but anything short of that and I’m good. Then again, I sleep naked and if I had a fire I’d look for the cat first, then my pants. The new feature uses access statistics to do things more automatically if you let it.

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Microsoft calls this process “dehydration” but it’s just the auto-mode of OneDrive’s File-On-Demand. One new feature in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is OneDrive Files On-Demand. This feature will be perfect for anyone who needs access to their files and folders on the go since everything will be available even if you haven’t synced your device to your computer in a while. Disk Cleanup is the classic Windows tool for freeing up storage space. Similar to Storage Sense, this tool analyzes your drive for files that you may no longer need. This includes temporary internet files, downloaded program files, recycle bin data and thumbnails.

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Don’t like it, you are free to use local storage, your own NAS, or another "cloud" provider. Crazy to need external storage to perform a Windows update when it should do everything to shrink itself first before requiring users to move files. I had to work to find spare space on a Surface device when it was trying to update, which had practically nothing on it. Because I know that storing stuff in the cloud means "storing it on someone else’s computer".

To instantly free up space, click the “Clean Now” button. Want to see an overview of what’s hogging your hard drive space? Try this free tool to see a visual layout of all your folders and files. As an alternative, you can use a free disk-visualizing program such as WinDirStat to see what other applications and files take up the most space. Tap or click here for more info on WinDirStat and other DIY tools for fixing common PC problems. Storage Sense is a recent Windows 10 addition that automatically frees up space by deleting those temporary files and anything in the Recycle Bin. While still in the Storage settings, toggle the Storage Sense button at the top to On.

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No reason to think your files will magically disappear. There’s plenty of reasons to not use OneDrive, but this isn’t one of them.

Then click Configure Storage Sense or run it now for more options. Front and center, you’ll see how much storage is being used and how much is still free. Under that, you’ll see a breakdown of what’s taking up the most space, such as Apps & features and Temporary files. The first major update to Windows 10 introduced the ability to install Windows Store apps to external storage devices, including USB drives, SD cards, and external data drives. While most of the default Windows 10 apps aren’t great, there are plenty of awesome Windows Store apps worth trying. When enabled, reserved storage will instantly reserve its full allotment of disk space.

  • Administrator of the system only can install the software’s and other users require administrator password to install the software.
  • You are notified only when a program tries to make changes to your computer, including changes to Windows settings.
  • I often connect to my users’ using Lansweeper Remote Control, but when they have UAC enabled and I try to installa a program the remote control closes .
  • If you select this setting, you will need to restart the computer to complete the process of turning off UAC.
  • To manage UAC, Use the following procedure to change UAC settings.

Once you’ve completed the steps, Storage sense will continue to run automatically on your device, but it’ll no longer try to delete files from the Downloads folder. Since Windows 10 build and later, Storage Sense has the capability to automatically free up disk space by saving older, unused and locally saved OneDrive to the cloud, turning them online-only files.

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