Beauty & SPA

Fabcare provides high-quality commercial laundry equipments which enable Salon & Spa to upgrade their hygiene level. The Fabcare high spin Washer Extractor offers a top performance to treat oil soiled garments. All our washers have the WET CLEANING system, avoiding an investment in expensive applications.

Depending on the services the salon & spa offer, a selection of towels, washcloths, aprons, smocks, and bed linens are the necessities which become soiled with dyes, oils, scrubs, and soaps. High-quality on-premise laundry equipment from Fabcare is built with the speed and efficiency necessary to handle the specific laundry needs of the beauty industry. Having high-quality commercial laundry equipment ensures a top-notch luxury experience for the customer and also enables the saloon to cut down on laundry time & utility costs thus more profitability.

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