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31 Dec

just just How can you have rectal intercourse for the very first time?

just just How can you have rectal intercourse for the very first time?

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just How do you’ve got rectal intercourse for the time that is first? I’ve been considering attempting some butt material out but We don’t actually understand just exactly how? i am aware you need certainly to get sluggish and make use of a whole load of lube, but that’s about it!

Does anybody have recommendations?

I’ve found some links that reveal anal sex a tiny bit if that can help anybody after this thread!

@tea i will be acutely right here because of this convo w no advice that is useful exactly what you stated. My ex ended up being keen to test but wasn’t thinking about prep therefore safe to state we didn’t get far ahaha. Anybody else got more guidelines?

I’m quite intrigued too. I’ve got no experience right right here but my mate has a few woman buddies that ask for anal quite frequently. I’ll make contact on this one with him and get back to you!

So my buddy stated almost all the things that are typical you pointed out before @tea. Sorry we can’t be more help but just what he said had been ensure its washed the greatest you’ll before, utilize lotsssss of lube, start slow and tiny ( why not a hand and slowly progress in size as it gets to be much more comfortable.) And we guess fundamentally it extends down a bit as time passes and becomes less unbearable/painful and gets to be more enjoyable.