Commercial Laundry

Commercial Laundry

Industrial Laundry

The extensive range of laundry solutions by FABCARE includes Washer Extractors, Industrial Washing Machines, Flat Work Ironers, Tumble Dryers and Finishing equipments. These machines are especially designed for the laundries where the quality of process, energy and water savings is a priority.  Whether it is Hospitality, Healthcare or Fitness Industry, the neatness of the linen represents added value, this special monitoring can be easily done by using our well designed equipments. Every laundry comes with a unique set of needs, which is why our tailored solutions use innovative & best available technology. Our machines are available in different types and sizes to cater to the need of different fabrics such as Denim, cotton, rayon, knitted, woolen garments etc.


Fabcare assists architects in planning and designing On-Premises Commercial laundry. We have worked with a number of architects and construction companies to help them design laundry rooms which are extremely productive & efficient.  With over 25 years of experience in the commercial laundry equipment business, Fabcare is widely trusted in providing expert solutions & cost effective designs. Our experts work from the stage of inception to final execution of the laundry rooms along with the Architects considering the costs at all stages. We assist them in designing complete service drawings. Storage requirements, anticipated usage and accessibility to the laundry area are just a few of the important considerations when designing a commercial laundry space.

Sports & Fitness Club

Fabcare supplies commercial laundry equipment & services to Athletic departments, Fitness Centers, and Health Clubs. We represent the premier brands in quality, durability, and operating efficiency. Athletic departments and sports teams generate large quantities of laundry in the form of towels, t-shirts, shorts, socks, swimsuits, staff uniforms and equipment bags. Our highly sophisticated Washers & Dryers can be used to safely clean materials and fabrics to ensure removals of all kinds of stains & odour.

Beauty & SPA

Fabcare provides high-quality commercial laundry equipments which enable Salon & Spa to upgrade their hygiene level. The FABCARE high spin Washer Extractor offers a top performance to treat oil soiled garments. All our washers have the WET CLEANING system, avoiding an investment in expensive applications.

Depending on the services the salon & spa offer, a selection of towels, washcloths, aprons, smocks, and bed linens are the necessities which become soiled with dyes, oils, scrubs, and soaps. High-quality on-premise laundry equipment from FABCARE is built with the speed and efficiency necessary to handle the specific laundry needs of the beauty industry. Having high-quality commercial laundry equipment on hand ensures a top-notch luxury experience for the customer and also enables the saloon to cut down on laundry time & utility costs thus more profitability.

Linen Rentals

Party and linen rental operations require laundry processes that deliver superior results and a quick turn-around. The selection of the right laundry equipment – Washer Extractors, Industrial Ironers, Flatwork folders and drying tumblers can dramatically boost laundry productivity using less labor, water, natural gas and electricity.

Fabcare provides a huge menu of high tech machines which allow businesses to complete more laundry in significantly less time!

Infra Projects – Machine On Highway

Most infrastructure companies face acute problem when it comes to availing good laundry services at remote locations. This is especially true in the case of companies engaged in construction of railways tracks, Irrigational canals, and roads etc, which keeps on moving as the project progress. At Fabcare we not only assure of best equipments but also take complete responsibility of timely installation and after sales services at any remote location across the country.

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