Pre Treatment

Digital textile printing machines are the latest innovation in textile printing. In our wide-ranging equipments, each customer can find a customized solution for drive and automation technology to meet any requirement.

Digital printing includes pre-treatment of fabric prior to printing process. Pre-treatment of textiles in preparation for ink-jet printing is carried out he quality of the printing preparation and pretreatment largely determines the printing results as well as the color fastnesses in digital textile printing. The fabric coating padding machine by FABCARE is especially designed for digital fabric printing business. It can be used to coat all kinds of fabric such as cotton, silk etc.

Post Treatment

The post treatment in Digital printing is extremely important and crucial in ensuring the perfectly printed end product. The printed fabric needs to undergo several steaming, washing and drying post-treatments. Fabcare Steamer for Digital printing is especially designed to provide batch process of fixing dyes to the fabric that has been printed by inkjet printers. This Steamer is capable of fixing all types of dyes including reactive acid dyes. It is auto timed equipment which has auto Digital temperature control. Our world class Washing Solution consists of fully computerized Washer Extractor, Dryer and Finishing equipments.

We provide complete solution for the full cycle of Digital printing and our machinery enables uninterrupted printing, cost-effective production, design versatility and high reliability.

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