Dyeing is the application of dyes or pigments on textile materials such as fibers, yarns, and fabrics with the goal of achieving color with desired color fastness.

Dyeing any fabric effectively means obtaining subtle nuances, special effects, and innovative and stunning combinations and variations of colour through environmentally sustainable processes. We also have to ensure significant savings in the use of raw materials, water and energy. Fabcare Dyeing machines are acknowledged for the quality & technology. Our Hydro Extractors & Dryers are extensively used for knits as they use sustainable and efficient technologies that guarantee shrinkage control.


The Garment industry needs sensitivity both towards the product (fashion and creativity) and technology (rigor and scientific mind). Fabcare Garment Dyeing machines are recodnised for the quality and versatility of their eco-friendly, technologically efficient solutions. Our Dyeing/Processing Machines use up to 70% less water, 50% less energy and approximately 50% less chemicals and delivers superior results.


Fabcare Dyeing/Processing Machine is specially designed for bulky fabrics like towels, heavy curtains, and decorative fabrics for both home textiles and automotive segments. It is best suited for gentle treatment of the heavy fabric. Our machines specialize in the pre-treatment, dyeing, and after-treatment of high pile terry and towel etc.

Bath Mats

Fabcare Paddle Dyeing Machine has been specially developed for bath Mat, throws and garment made of delicate fibers such as wool, silk and other. This oval machine is designed with internal tight joint to reduce the liquor ratio and to make the movement of the article with ease. Pneumatically operated water level control, Steam inlet and drain valve are some of the special features of our equipment.

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