Hospitals balance a number of competing priorities, but chief among them must be cleanliness. Efficient laundry in a hospital is pivotal in preventing the spread of infectious diseases, bacteria, and other pathogens. Efficacious laundering of linens plays an important part in patient care by providing a clean, comfortable, and sanitary environment.

We at Fabcare expertise in providing a wide range of special laundry equipments created for hospitals, clinics and all kinds of sanitary establishments that comply with the strictest hygienic standards and regulations. Barrier Washer by Fabcare is an ideal solution as it guarantees the hygiene and stops micro-organisms from spreading. The barrier washer’s design ensures that cross-contamination doesn’t happen. The benefits of using our machines include enhanced operational efficiency, lowered costs, improved patient and employee health and welfare, and increased overall satisfaction.

Nursing Home & Clinics

The meaning of hygiene and quality is completely redefined when we as manufacturers have to cater to the healthcare sector. The laundry equipment needs to be designed extremely carefully keeping in mind that linens also may harbor potentially harmful microorganisms. Laundry and linen service is absolutely vital in the nursing homes to ensure quality & care. Fabcare is one of the most trusted manufacturers catering to the Healthcare Sector.

We design and manufacture high-performance products for the commercial industries to save time and money. Our equipments including Washer Extractors, Dryers and especially Barrier washers give a professional laundry solution and put hygiene at the forefront.

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