The role of laundry is pivotal in the Hospitality Industry. Superior quality cleaning and hygiene are the most important aspects to be considered while treating towels, bed-sheets, tablecloths, napkins, staff uniforms, etc. The On-premise laundry in Hotels proves to be the most efficient, reliable & cost effective solution.

FABCARE Washing Machines are designed for all types of laundry jobs. We offer a huge variety of reliable solutions which guarantee the maximum profitability and optimal management of the laundry. The desirable results can easily be achieved by using our advanced Washer Extractors, Dryers, Flat Work Ironers & Finishing Equipments. Fabcare machines are designed with the latest innovation & technology, thus making us the perfect Import substitute.

Restaurants & Catering

The table linen is an essential element for maintaining the reputation of any restaurant. With On-premise Fabcare laundry, one can directly and efficiently control the availability of clean table linen, washing and ironing quality. Restaurants, catering companies, airline catering departments can easily enjoy advantages of the energy & cost effective Fabcare laundry system. We provide comprehensive laundry project that includes layouts with space requirements, machinery requirements, utility requirements, cost of machines & operational economics etc.

SPA & Wellness

Fabcare has always focused on providing for the specific needs of the Spa & Salon industry. We design special solutions tailored to individual needs including an innovative & eco-friendly cleaning service for the guests & space saving terry towel laundry giving full control of every part of the process to the customer.

Faced with a large amount of oil-soaked linens that require special care, many spas and salons opt for our equipments which offer high level of flexibility & efficiency. It is very convenient for the Spa staff to process laundry in minimal time with our easy-to-use controls & user friendly equipment.

Warships / Cruise

Marine laundries process a variety of articles including table & bed linens, bath towels and staff uniforms. Ocean-going vessels and offshore operations demand high-performing reliable machines, Fabcare Washer Extractors prove to be the most suited choice. Our equipments are preferred as they are tough & reliable and produce a clean wash at a low operational cost. Numerous commercial vessels and offshore platforms also benefit from the diverse programming capabilities of Fabcare machinery.

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