Fabcare designs and manufactures any size of turnkey projects according to the specifications provided. We offer total solutions from scratch to deliver complete project. The concept of laundry in residential apartments has evolved immensely. Fabcare manufactures a huge variety of machines which are highly programmable, simple to use and engineered for uncompromised dependability .The freestanding designs, space-saving and stacked configurations of our equipments make them best for Apartment laundry. Quality machines and innovative technologies turn the laundry facility into an amenity that helps attract and retain residents. The cornerstone of our service assures that the laundry performs exactly as intended from day one and for many years to come.


Fabcare gives a complete laundry solution including the most suitable equipment and full service support for Coin Laundry business. Our Stack Washer & Dryer combines heavy-duty construction with reliable operation and prove to the best option for Launderettes. They are designed with less moving parts to ensure fewer maintenance issues. The special features include remote communication, ergonomical construction, and low water & energy consumption. These coin-operated washers help to maximize revenue in the launderette or managed laundry. We offer coin-operated washing machines in a variety of drum capacities. Fabcare works with many different types of laundry services to help them plan out the best equipment and configuration for their specific needs.

Campus Laundry Solutions

Fabcare provides economical and technology driven Campus Laundry Solutions to Schools, Colleges, and Universities for their student and staff. Our Washing machines use less water and deliver sparkling clean garment due to the revolutionary SPLASH technology. The Campus laundry has specific needs of quick results, minimal energy wastage, space limitations & variety of fabrics. Our Dryers defined by their simplicity & performance successfully cater to all these needs.

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