Laundry Accesories

Laundry Accesories


Designed using best grade and quality tested material; Fabcare trolleys are extensively used for many important tasks in all the Industries. They are used for various tasks including transporting dirty linen, clean linen, bags, boxes and containers. Our trolleys are fitted with heavy duty steel bar thereby increasing their shelf life. Many crucial processes like stacking, folding, linen checking are performed using these trolleys. We cater to various sectors and manufacture a wide range of trolleys including Dry linen trolley, Moving Cart Trolley, Shelf Trolley, Wet linen trolley. We also design and manufacture as per the specific requirements of the customer.

Tagging & Marking

Thermopatch is a global organization, specializing in emblems, transfers and label solutions for textiles since 1934. We import their well designed Y-151 Machine which works without the use of solvents. All kinds of fabrics are easily labeled using this machine. The ink ribbons used are both laundry and chemical cleaning resistant. Operating this machine is extremely easy. The Y-151 increases productivity by being both cost-effective and a time saver. The tape used is available in 11 colors which facilitates sorting by day and route.


Fabcare High- class pneumatically operated chamber packaging machines are designed for packing in vacuum technology (sucks air from the bag and then hermetically seals it) Our machines are specially developed for quilts, blankets, garments etc. In order to increase the space for Dry cleaners and the customer, the packing machines compress the size of article thus increasing space for storage. We also manufacture Hanger Packing machine specifically designed for garment packing for Retail and commercial laundry and dry cleaning segment. The Packing machines by Fabcare assert low maintenance cost and user friendly technology. We also design and manufacture as per the specific requirements of the customer.


Fabcare being a one stop solution for all commercial laundry needs also supplies the chemicals specific to each sector. The usage of chemical is pivotal for the laundry & dry-cleaning industry. We supply dry-cleaning chemicals and solvents for all textile cleaning applications. The diverse range of chemicals include traditional perchloroethylene (perc) or hydrocarbon , Spotting agents , Wet cleaning chemicals , chemicals for different types of stains and fire restoration processes.

Laundry Furniture

Fabcare brings together a huge amount of laundry expertise with successful solutions and installations across the country. Our comprehensive product portfolio is appreciated for quality and purposeful innovation. Being sensitive to the customer’s needs , we also provide various laundry related furniture like Trolleys, Mobile tables , Storage wall shelves , Stainless Steel Sink, Garment Conveyors, Baskets etc. We also design and manufacture as per the
specific requirements of the customer.

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