Leather Garments

Leather as a material needs utmost care & attention for any kind of treatment or process. Each type of leather garment may require different care. It is highly advisable to have the leather and suede garments professionally cleaned with specialized laundry equipments. The four crucial steps – cleaning, conditioning, polishing and protecting allow keeping the garments safe and beautiful. Fabcare expertise in providing a wide range of special Leather Cleaning Equipments for commercial & industrial usage.


Fabcare has acquired a distinguished market position in manufacturing a broad array of Equipments & Finishing Equipments. One of the articles we cater to are Bags and purses, which have become a luxury and need to be treated very delicately as they are expensive and sensitive to chemicals.

Our equipment imbibes an eco-friendly approach to give handbags a fresh look and strive to prolong their longevity. Each material has a specific need and demands a unique care. Our highly trained team at Fabcare is successful in designing efficient Bag cleaning equipments.

My laundry needs are focused on


    Under 500 kgs/1000 lbs per dayOver 500 kgs/1000 lbs per day

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