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We at Fabcare with our trained engineers are able to cater to all sectors with their specific needs & demands. There are important considerations which need to be taken for the onsite laundry at Defense Base. The uniforms usually of wrinkle resistant fabric need to be treated with complete protection. Maintaining the important qualities of the fabric has to be asserted during the cleaning process. The Industrial Washer Extractors, Drying Tumblers & Finishing Equipments by FABCARE constructed from heavy duty components ensure extended life of the machinery and best results.

The other segments where Fabcare machines prove to be very successful are the Army hospitals, where linen needs to be changed daily. Fabcare expertise in providing a wide range of special laundry equipment created for hospitals, clinics and all kinds of sanitary establishments that comply with the strictest hygienic standards and regulations.

Navel Ships

Fabcare is central in providing the right solution for every specific laundry needs. Our Professional laundry machines are most suitable for Navel ships to process their work clothes & staff uniforms. These uniforms should not only be spotlessly clean, but also need to be protected against wear and color loss. Our range of equipments makes true customization possible given the restricted space, strict guidelines & norms on the Marine ships.

Nuclear Power Projects

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, Fabcare’s Laundry Solutions are not only ergonomically designed but also economical and better for the environment.

Extensive care is required in processing the protective clothing, gloves, footwear and protection masks at the Nuclear Power Plants. Our high performance Washer extractors, Tumblers and Flat work ironers serve as the perfect solution to treat these articles.

Nuclear Power Plants where extreme dust and germ-free environmental are required for laundry room, our equipments are ideal for such situation.


The fire protection suits of firemen require special cleaning that doesn’t harm the protective fabric of the uniforms. We understand that the laundry in the fire department comes with a unique set of needs, which is why our tailored solutions are innovative & effective on the soiled articles. The results of using our Barrier Washers in Fire Department Laundry have been very promising, reducing contaminants in uniforms to a much greater degree than standard washing. Our Barrier Washing machine is an ideal solution as it guarantees the hygiene and stops harmful toxins from spreading.

Oil Exploration

We at FABCARE build with passion and expertise in industrial machines for washing, drying and treatment of linen and fabrics. This, combined with the ability to listen and interpret the needs of our customers, allows us to create highly personalized projects. Our Professional washer and tumble dryer are best suited for offshore drilling platform. The clothing such as oil suits, overalls, heavy jackets, gloves and protective equipment for the face requires extra attention in the washing process at Oil Exploration.  This can be achieved by opting for our specialized Washing Machines, Washer Extractors, Dryers & Finishing Equipments.


At FABCARE we strive to produce the highest quality of Laundry Equipments, directly suited to our customer’s needs.  We guarantee the required levels of hygiene, assuring profitable management of the batch of laundry load required in Prisons.

Prisons handle large volumes of laundry including inmate clothing, blankets, sheets and towels. Clean linen and clothing is critical to minimize the spread of diseases that can occur in close living spaces.  We also assist in designing the laundry rooms by giving complete space drawings & help in selecting the correct equipment which will be reliable and rugged. Our machines adhere to all the required government norms thus are them eco-friendly and very cost effective.  Knowing that the inmates operate the laundry in prisons, we ensure to deliver user friendly & easy to maintain equipment.

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