Department Laundry

In the last few years, the growth of mechanized laundry in the Indian Railways has been manifold. One of the largest segments requiring linen wash, the Railways, has installed Fabcare machines at various zones. There is a considerable shift in the quality standards and the specific requirement of the Railway. Fabcare equipment ensures energy and water savings, besides high quality wash results. The Industrial Washer Extractors, Drying Tumblers & Finishing Equipments by FABCARE constructed from heavy duty components ensure extended life of the machinery and best results. The machines are designed keeping in mind the sensitivity of the linen- bed sheets, pillow covers & towels .The life-cycle of the linen is enhanced with the smart, eco-friendly programs of the equipment. A reliable & efficient department laundry is very essential as a contingency plan to enable smooth running without any delay or disruption.

Boot Laundry

The BOOT systems have gained immense popularity recently as this process enhances quality, reduces cost and speeds up the cleaning process. It is thus counted as one of the best ways of optimization of resources. Under BOOT Laundry system in railways, the contractor works on the site provided and is responsible and delivers the clean processed linen to the railways

Fabcare with the ability to listen and interpret the needs of the customers is successful in creating highly personalized BOOT laundry projects. We supply simple, dependable solutions that offer remarkable profitability and innovation. Our specifically designed machinery with high quality raw material, auto-dosing feature for chemicals, and adaptability to tough working environment and adherence to all norms make us one of the most popular choice for this category.

Contract Laundry

A contract or off-premises laundry refers to laundering activities performed outside the establishment i.e. it is given on a contract basis to specialists in the field. Thereby the impeccable washing of the linen, cost efficiency and productivity of the machinery is of utmost importance. It is essential for the contract laundry to maintain high standards of hygiene to enable them a long stay in the business. We at Fabcare offer businesses with any volumes of washing a range of products to suit their needs and the specific size of their units.

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