Stack Washer

Speed Queen’s stack washer/dryers are designed to provide all of the power of Speed Queen washers
and dryers while occupying only half of the floor space of a conventional washer and dryer setup. Utilize the same connections and hook-ups required by a standard washer and dryer. Revolutionary balancing technology automatically redistributes even the most unbalanced loads for consistent cycle times, minimized vibration and reduced noise.

Available size 10 kg capacity.



  • Rugged suspension system
  • Industry leading 1200 RPM spin speed exerts 440 G-force extraction
  • Durable stainless steel washtub
  • Four-compartment soap dispenser
  • Easy-to-clean and secure upfront lint filter.
  • 6 Fix Washing cycle
  • 1 Washing Cycle per hour*
  • 3 Drying Cycles
  • Capacity 10.5 Kg (Dry Linen)
  • Capacity 15 Kg (Wet Linen)
  • Digital Display
  • Three Fabric Types to Choose from Normal, Perm Press and Delicate.
Over 100 years of experience in manufacturing laundry equipment.
Process your laundry quicker with fast wash & dry cycles.
All in one, a space saving unit providing ease of operation with excellent wash results.
Commercial grade industrial motor with Stainless Steel wash bowl.