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FABCARE water free process for garment finishing is for all kind of surface treatments on garments.

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Silent Features:

  • 90% Saving of WATER
  • No Requirement of ETP
  • 70% Saving of RESIN

Wrinkle Free

Cold Pigment


Resin for 3D Effects






The main beneficiaries of the new technology are industrial laundries & Garment Dyeing House that will be able to carry out the application of softeners, dyes, antimicrobial products, among others, through a more eco-friendly, rapid and economic process.

It benefits Finishing garment companies in both economical and environmental aspects. The use of the MIST SPRAY technology will derive in significant reduction of use of resources: water use reduction up to 90%, energy use reduction up to 47% and eliminating chemical wastes associated to water dumping, all of them involved in garment finishing processes.

The equipment uses the exact quantity needed for the process; conditioning technology has been adapted to other specific textile finishing processes, like functionalization and exhaustion (Durable Water Repellence, Wrinkle-Free, 3D effects, CPD-Cold Pigment Dyeing.

Technical aspects of the eco-innovative solution
The core technology consists of new equipment for treating garments. All processes are performed at room temperature with minimal quantities of water and chemicals.

Conditioning processes: The simplest of finishing processes. Different kinds of softening
applications can be performed through these processes.

Functionalization processes: Specific treatments to give special properties to the garment such as resistance to make it waterproof, antimicrobial or anti-wrinkle and to give it UV protection. These treatments can be applied to protective clothing, sportswear or home textiles.

Exhausting processes: Dyeing directly on garments. As production series are shorter than before, dyeing the garments directly is more common.