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FABCARE Washers use up to 70% less water, 50% less energy, and approximately 50% less chemicals-enzyme, and delivers superior cleaning results compared to conventional washing machines.



Special Machine for :

  • Enzyme/Denim Wash
  • Garment Washing
  • Milling Machine for Cotton and Woolen Sweaters
  • Bath Mat Dyeing
  • Pigment Dyeing
  • All Laundry jobs
  • Auto Timed
  • Auto Reverse
  • Auto Level Control
  • Auto Digital Temperature Control
  • Inner Basket, Outer Drum, Side Panels, Back Panel, Front side of the base frame all in SS Heavy duty fabrication.

New FABCARE SPLASH washing machine is able to useless water and deliver a gentler wash, thanks to the revolutionary SPLASH technology, helping garment dyeing units to save on average almost a million liters of water each year.

Especially Designed Drum mechanically pressurized liquor to be penetrated into the garments. Said system provides 50 % more loading allowance along with 70 % saving from water, chemicals, heating energy, waste water, 40 % saving from electricity and 50 % saving from dye stuff. The result is higher quality, easier operation, more economic and competitive dyeing without any rejection even during the long process time.

Mentioned gap area equals to 40-50 % of total required water volume of conventional machines and provides 40-50 % savings from required water. By eliminating the unessential water, which normally has to be kept in the gap area, water consumption reduces dramatically and depending on saved water, all chemicals, heating energy and waste water consumptions are reduced as same.

Reducing the water filled into drum results in to use smaller motors where friction forces between drum and water are eliminated by keeping the gap area empty. This further allows loading the machines more than usual, which reduces the electricity consumption.

Optional Features

Magnetic level gauge: Is a Stainless steel level gauge provided with the calibrated level indicator & comes with a ball valve which helps in checking the PH value even at the time of running of the machine.

Programmable Logic Controller: Preset programs gives the flexibility for today and tomorrow and can be easily programmed according to your requirement. Desired software for enzyme/dyeing process available with dosing pumps & tanks.

Indirect Oil / Gas Fired Heating System: Specially designed. All S.S. Heat exchanger with Automatic imported Oil / Gas burners, High efficiency, Low cost & easy to install. Every equipment is an independent unit. No need to install boiler

Drain Valve, Water Inlet & Steam Inlet
Heavy duty automatic drain valve used for quick flushing of water, automatic ball valves or butterfly valves for quick filling of water into the basket. Automatic digital temperature controllers with solenoid valves also available in the machine.

Magnetic level gauge


Programmable Logic Controller

Indirect Oil / Gas Fired Heating System

Drain Valve, Water Inlet & Steam Inlet