About Us

We at Fabcare build with passion and expertise in industrial machines for washing, drying and treatment of linen & fabrics. This combined with the ability to understand the needs of our customers, allows us to create highly personalized project.

Fabcare supplies simple, dependable solutions that offer its clients profitability and innovation.

Fabcare based in NEW DELHI, INDIA, currently occupies a total area of around 20,000 square meters. The Company’s operating system has proven to be very successful since its inception in 1995. The credit goes to the flexibility and versatility with which the Company works to meet the specific requirements of its customers, as well as by employing highly experienced & qualified staff. The other strengths include timely delivery of orders and prompt after-sales service.

The continuous attention to the needs and the ever changing demands of the market combined with the strong tradition of design and manufacturing, have led Fabcare to produce extremely high-tech machines. CAD systems and upgraded design section enable Fabcare to maintain uniformity and high quality.

We successfully deliver leading performance through our exceptional team, unmatched quality and commitment to innovation.


Our objective is ‘Make in India’, using the skill of our people combined with the latest technology to deliver quality Laundry & Textile Equipments.


To provide effective solutions today that meets our customer’s requirements tomorrow.

Besides integrity, sustainability and mutual appreciation, our mission at Fabcare is to supply products of the highest quality, yet at a reasonable price for worldwide customer satisfaction.


We Practice Leadership

Drive for consensus!
We keep the team focused, energized and motivated.
We ensure consistent improvement & continuously upgrade team, products, services and Quality systems.

We Act With Urgency

We constantly implement new ideas and offer prompt solutions to all kinds of problems.

We Promote Innovation

We continually seek out and implement value-added technology in products, processes, services and systems which sustainably differentiate us from our competitors.

Our Story

Manufacturing was born in 1995 when dedicated enthusiast Jitendra Arya thought of reinventing the stereotypical industrial washing machine and started designing more reliable and updated equipments. After experimenting with the washing machines, he devised ways to increase the machine’s efficiency & output. The company slowly started producing various models of washing machines and dryers. He named the company “Fabcare” aligned with his vision to create machinery which could take care of all kinds of fabrics. The zeal and enthusiasm ran in the family, his sons joined resulting in wide spread expansion and Company’s tremendous growth. They could understand the changing needs of the market and kept on upgrading the raw materials, technology and designing.

That’s how Fabcare, one of the leading company today was born.

It’s been a fascinating journey since the humble beginnings. And today, we continually strive to build the best equipments backed by the industry’s finest service and support.

Vision Statement

Jitendra Arya

Chairperson & CMD

The vision turned into reality in 1995, when I started Fabcare with a goal to provide superior quality and innovative machinery. At Fabcare we have been producing the highest grade of Laundry Equipments, directly suited to our customer’s needs. We have evolved as the leader with our on-time deliveries perfectly modeled to individual customer specifications. Our constant adaptation to changes in the global market has enabled us to remain ahead of the competition. Our journey has been full of learning and experiences. One of the biggest strength is our healthy business relationship with our customers, suppliers and employees. This has resulted in further growth, success and prosperity of Fabcare.

The persistent urge to upgrade and innovate is the driving force at Fabcare. And we shall continue in our endeavors to provide best solution to our valuable clients.

Abhinav Arya

Managing Director

We started our journey as a garment dyeing & finishing equipment manufacturer and have now proudly emerged as a leading solution provider for Hospitality, Healthcare, Laundromat & Dry cleaning chains with a vast range of international quality and cutting edge technology solutions. We have achieved consistent growth over the years and this would not have been possible without the hard work of our strong work force and the tremendous support from our customers.

In a rapidly changing market where expectations are increasing each day, working closely with clients and the market network has helped Fabcare to understand the customers’ needs. We offer wide range of technologies & solutions to meet their constantly changing requirements in garment dyeing, commercial washing, laundry and dry cleaning.

Fabcare’s vision aligned with its passionate work force has made it the most preferred technology provider of Indian Laundry Industry.

Abhay Arya

Director – Production

Our mission is to build on our history of product excellence and technology innovation to provide the highest-quality and most reliable machines and services to our customers. We are very quality conscious and ensure to use the best raw material for our machinery. We at Fabcare continuously develop and upgrade our technology & methods. Our trained technicians are well equipped to run all processes efficiently & successfully. Additionally, we regularly evaluate organizational efficiency and make necessary changes to maximize the productivity.

Our quintessential have always been Product inspection and quality control. We highly prioritize after-sale service which has enabled Fabcare to have long association with the customers. The trained Engineers & technicians spread across the country are successful in providing prompt & swift service to our wide spread customer base.

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