Trouser Press

A press with a horizontal head and buck, specifically designed for rapid, flawless pressing of trousers.






PANTAMASTER – The particular construction of its twin bucks allows to finish both trousers legs at the same time, setting the front pleats up to 3 cm from the waistline. Its wide bucks make this machine very versatile and suitable also for finishing knit wear or blankets. Trousers are put on the lower buck and held by a special waistband auto-sizing locking device and sets the pleats.Following this, the semi-rigid frame is lowered allowing the second leg to be laid on the buck. The adjustable pressure of the head completes the pressing operation. Lower buck with live steam,vacuum and air-blowing upon request, up-steam from the head -vacuum motor incorporated and pneumatic-clamping device for waistline locking. A cutting edge touch screen PLC allows a total control on all different machine functions . Ready for connection to external steam and air supplies.