Fabcare ‘Washing Machines’ are designed for all types of laundry Jobs, technical and enzyme washing. Machines are available with different types and size to cater the need of different Fabrics such as Denim, Cotton, Rayon, Knitted,Woolen garments

Available Sizes 15 to 28, Kg. Dry weight per charge capacity.



New FABCARE SPLASH washing machine is able to useless water and deliver a gentler wash, thanks to the revolutionary SPLASH technology, helping LAUNDRY-DYEING units to save on average almost a million liters of water each year.

Heating system available:

  • Electric
  • Steam Direct Injection/Indirect
  • Steam through Seamless pipe of SS 316
  • Quality Coils
  • Thermic Fluid Heated
  • Oil/Gas fired heated.
  • Auto Timed
  • Auto Reverse
  • Auto Level Control
  • Auto Digital Temperature Control
  • Inner Basket, Outer Drum, Side Panels, Back panel, Front side of the base frame in STAINLESS STEEL