Flat Work Ironer
(Roller Heated)
Font Feed-Rear Return

Fabcare Roller Ironer has been designed to ensure massive non-stop output, while guaranteeing at the same time the high-quality ironing finish characterizing drying ironers.

Ideal choice for the needs of the 4-5 stars hotels and of the Industrial Laundries.

DIA 800 MM – 1200 MM
LENGTH 2000 MM – 3300 MM

Machines also available as per customer specification



Technical Features :

  • Rollers are made of 304 stainless steel, transmission shaft with fine pull steel, stainless steel tube jacket, greatly extending the life of the machine.
  • The two sides of the ironing machine rack cabinet using high-strength high-quality steel welded together, so that equipment in high-load operation to ensure efficient and stable operation.
  • Frequency control, according to different linen for speed adjustment.
  • Equipped with a conveyor belt automatic tensioning mechanism, according to the energy supply and fabric thickness and other conditions, automatically tighten the conveyor belt to the best condition, improve ironing quality.
  • Large roller steam end with a lubricant filling device to ensure lubrication of the main bearing.


Operation Panel

Safety Screen

Emergency Switch