Garment Converyor


Garment conveyors are used in dry cleaners, hotels, hospitals, prisons, museums, and coat check areas. They are also used in retail store stockrooms and warehouses for storage in high volumes.



Multiple models and configurations adapted to meet your requirements. Fabcare Garment Conveyors are mainly used to store high volumes of garments in the smallest space possible. Aimed at optimising the work flow of each business. different types of objects with different size and weight can be transported to facilitate the stages of production and storage in order to save time, space and personnel.

Several models and configurations are offered such as the straight model, double deck, multi-plan (up & down), Whether it is a ceiling suspended or floor mounted conveyor, our professional engineers will gladly provide the right model and design so that your conveyor perfectly meets your needs in your available space. It is very easy to use and automates the storage and retrieval of your garments.

The electronic controller can also be connected to your billing software.*

Benefits – Our garment conveyors give you more:

  • Increased storage capacity for a given space.
  • Overhead configuration allows to free up valuable floor space.
  • Organizes your facility better.
  • Accurate storage and retrieval, no searching for items
  • Productivity gains by shortening retrieval times
  • Productivity gains by allowing the operator more time to do other things
  • Easy unattended retrievals.
  • Extremely reliable
  • Very low maintenance
  • Extremely long life span 20 years +